Strange little beings..

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the extremely long delay in posting and the looong delay in shipping Steve, I’m still running behind on but I’m making good (but slow) progress.  I’m currently finishing up several extra sets of Steve molds to help speed up my casting process. (see photo of tired looking guy “who needs a haircut” making lots-o-molds,lol)  The good news is the Steve kits WILL ship before the end of the month!! followed by the nude Steves and then last but not least the clothed Steves, The reason the clothed Steves will ship last is because of some minor technical problems with casting his boots/belts.

As always if you have any questions please post them here or feel free to email me at bishonenhouse(at)

Also, if any one is interested there is 1 Steve kit available, someone upgraded their kit to an finisehd unclothed Steve freeing up one kit.

Here’s a mini F.A.Q for some of the more frequent questions Ive been getting.

1:When will Steve’s extra faces be available?

Steve’s extra faces will go on sale after all 40 of the Steves have shipped.

2: How will i know when my Steve is ready?

Soon as your Steve/kit is finisehd you will receive an email with your final total plus shipping, soon as you send payment your order will go out with tracking info.

3: I want Vince!, can i pre-order him now?

Soon as the 40 Steves have shipped i will have more information about Vince as well as a pre-order (just like Steve) There will also be a big art contest and the prizes will be a finished Vince and Vince kits!!!

4: Are you going to make more Steves!? I want one!!

I may release a different variant of Steve, I will definitely release more Steve model kits, I’m not sure when he will be released again but probably sometime in mid/late summer

take care,

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